Christmas Eve Set


Christmas is coming!  This is the perfect giftset for babies of all ages as you can choose between our popular Limited Edition Christmas Hugsie or Footsie sleepbags!
This unique set has mom and baby in mind  ♥
Set Includes ;
  •  Organic Cotton Limited Edition Puffin Sleepbag
  • 200ml VOYA True Tranquil body wash
*Please note we can not ship this giftset out of Ireland due to liquid restriction’s
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voya true tranquility

Lucy & Walter are delighted to have partnered up with world renowned Irish wellness brand,  VOYA and this set includes their award winning True Tranquil Relaxing Shower Wash.

‘VOYA’s True Tranquil lavender body wash is infused with the natural purifying properties of wild organic Irish seaweed. Active seaweed extracts help to relieve muscle stress and fatigue. The perfect match to de-stress at the start of the day or to assist in promoting a good night‘s sleep.’

Winter Wonderland Giftset

Footsie Bag, Hugsie Bag

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0-3 months, 0-6 months, 6-18 months, 18 – 36 months

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