Winter Wonderland Hugsie Bag


Our ever so popular Winter Wonderland  Christmas Hugsie sleepbags are back!

Lucy & Walter designed the Hugsie.

A unique sleeping bag, which we like to think of as a hug in a bag! Perfect for baby’s who need a bit more encouragement to fall asleep. The light weight chestband inside the bag is secured with baby proof Velcro, giving the child a sense of security without the feeling of confinement or restriction of movement.

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  • Size : 0-3 months.
  • Length : 60cm.
  • All lined with 100% Cotton.
  • Many different togs available.
  • Popper under each arm to ensure snug fit.
  • Suitable from Birth.


  • Always place your child’s feet at the end of their cot or as recommended by manufacturers guidelines.
  • We recommend layering your babies clothing appropriately to avoid overheating.
Winter Hugsie Sleeping Bags
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